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More than 5,000 Employees Enroll in Archways to Opportunity

April 6, 2016 – Today, McDonald’s announced that Archways to Opportunity, its workforce education program, has enrolled more than 5,000 people since its creation one year ago. The program provides assistance in earning a high school diploma, receiving tuition assistance for college classes and helping learning English.

“Archways to Opportunity was created so those at McDonald’s could attain the dream of finishing high school, going to college to earn a degree and advancing their careers without being held back by high costs or a lack of access,” said Steve Easterbrook, CEO of McDonald’s. “There is no better investment than one in the people who bring our brand to life for customers every day in our restaurants.”

Since April 2015, McDonald’s has provided millions of dollars in tuition assistance for eligible employees to achieve their high school diplomas and college degrees. In addition, the company has seen the following participation:

  • 812 have been awarded tuition assistance for high school
  • 3,346 awarded tuition assistance for college
  • 872 graduated from English Under the Arches
  • 308 completed advising sessions

Archways to Opportunity provides a range of opportunities with programs all designed to meet employees at their point of need. All of the following programs are available to both company employees and the men and women employed by participating independent Owner/Operators in the United States.

  • High School Completion – The nationally-accredited Career Online High School program that is offered to eligible restaurant managers and crew to obtain a high school diploma at no cost.
  • College Access and Completion
    • Tuition Assistance – Provides upfront tuition assistance for college courses at higher education institutions accredited by the U.S. Department of Education.
    • ACE – McDonald’s management training curriculum carries American Council on Education (ACE) college credit recommendations that can be transferred to many two- and four-year colleges.
    • College Credit Connection Program – McDonald’s has partnered with six colleges that map out credit recommendations into specific courses and offer discounted tuition.
  • Advising Services – Advising programs with experts help employees identify the best educational and career route to achieve their goals. The “Virtual Advisor” app helps calculates American Council on Education (ACE) college credit recommendations and offers college placement advice.
  • English Under the Arches – Teaches managers and crew the English they need to communicate effectively with colleagues, customers, and in their daily life.

McDonald’s wants to help solve the nationwide education challenge in the United States by providing educational opportunities for eligible employees. Archways to Opportunity was designed with the understanding that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to success when it comes to workforce education.

“At McDonald’s, we are committed to helping people further their education and achieve their dreams. To help those who work both at company-owned and independently franchised restaurants, we created Archways to Opportunity, a comprehensive education strategy with multiple programs that gives people an opportunity to grow and learn – no matter where they are on their journey,” said Global Chief People Officer David Fairhurst. “Some of the best people in the world work here. And whether they stay for a year or for their entire career, we believe in investing in their future.”

For more information about McDonald’s Archways to Opportunity program in the Greater Washington, D.C. area, please contact

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