McDonald’s D.C. is leading the way in new kind of customer experience

Have you ever dreamed of having your McGriddles delivered curbside, or skip the lines to find your Big Mac waiting for you at your local McDonald’s counter? That dream has finally become a reality.

Last month, McDonald’s launched mobile ordering in the DMV allowing customers to order and pay for their food with the just the click of a button. When you arrive, you can pick up your food at the front counter, drive-thru window or new curbside option where a crew member will bring your order to one of the designated curbside parking spaces.

Mobile ordering is just one of the ways D.C. is leading the way in introducing a new level of customer experience at McDonald’s. Earlier this year, D.C. also became one of the first markets to offer McDonald’s self-ordering kiosks and table service, but it doesn’t stop there. Follow our Twitter handle to stay on top of all McDonald’s DMV announcements, and be sure to tell us what you think about your experience!

In the meantime, download the McDonald’s app on your smart device to get started on your mobile order. Check out which restaurants are participating near you:

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