College Tuition Assistance from McDonald’s Helps Employees Continue Their Education

Our employees are the face of our brand.

They are the ones who greet and provide customers with quality service every day. At McDonald’s, we want to have an impact on our customers, but also on our employees. In order to help our employees succeed and reach their goals, McDonald’s created the Archways to Opportunity (ATO) program in 2015. ATO provides employees with educational assistance that includes college tuition assistance, free high school diploma, English as a second language classes, and academic advising. We are committed to helping them reach their biggest dreams, whether that involves McDonald’s or not. Close to 150 employees are enrolled in ATO in the DMV area, with more enrolling every month.


Meet some of the hardworking DMV McDonald’s employees who are earning their degree with college tuition assistance from ATO.


Kayla is a crew member and works at a McDonald’s in Waldorf, MD. She is working towards earning her degree in criminal Justice. One day, Kayla hopes to work for the FBI or Homeland Security. She is thankful for ATO because it lets her go to school for something she loves.


Mary has been working at McDonald’s for five years and is a Swing Manager in Waldorf, MD. She heard about ATO through the Owner/Operator of the McDonald’s she works at.  Because of her O/O speaking up, she felt motivated to work and to continue her education knowing that he cared so much. She is working towards becoming a dental hygienist. Mary is from Sierra Leone and wants to open a dental clinic there one day.


Alyssa began working at McDonald’s after she graduated high school. Because she didn’t qualify for financial aid, she needed to save for college. She found out about ATO through a coworker and quickly enrolled. Alyssa is earning her nursing degree while continuing her work at McDonald’s. She loves interacting with customers and talking with them, crediting it to helping her develop customer service skills that will help her when she becomes a nurse.

Robert is working towards a degree in Business Administration.  He originally started at McDonald’s to save money for college during a planned gap year, but ATO has given him the opportunity to make money and receive an education at the same time. One day, Robert wants to be a Director of Operations for McDonald’s. He loves working with people, providing great customer service and seeing other employees succeed.

Gervon receives college tuition assistance from McDonald’s to help him pursue his degrees in forensic science and theater. With help from his managers, he has a flexible schedule so he can succeed in both school and work. He aspires to finish school with continued help from ATO and become an actor.

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